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ED64Plus enhanced N64 Flashcart

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ED64 plus es un cartucho flashcart para tu consola N64.

  • 64Mbyte (512mbit) SDRAM for ROM data
  • Compatible con tarjetas SD y SDHC
  • Compatible con FAT16/FAT32.
  • Emulation features
  • Game saves support (SRAM, SRAM128Kbyte, EEPROM16k, EEPROM4k, FlashRam)
  • Region free
  • USB port included (Plug and play)
  • Firmware update by SD card
  • Extend slot for Boot Cartridge -
  • Supports regions (USA, Japan,PAL) But,if your console is PAL,pease remove the CIC Chip in the ED64 and then put a original PAL game card on the top to play.because the ed64 already install NTSC cic chip, and it can not play with PAL n64, you need to remove it for the PAL(EUR) user, and ask them to use a PAL game cart as a boot cart.
  • No Necesita cartucho de booteo.



  • ED64plus Flashcart x 1 
  • Cable USB  x 1

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